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World-class service in California

For more than 20 years, Personal Express Insurance has been innovating and improving the way Central Californians get insured. We believe financially responsible individuals with good driving records and newer homes should benefit from the good choices they make. We follow strict underwriting guidelines to offer the best rates to the most responsible people. Why should a responsible Personal Express client pay for an irresponsible individual?

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Customers can buy insurance from us directly, which means there's no additional cost added to your premium to cover the commission costs of a middleman. And we staff our offices with knowledgeable and friendly people who have only your satisfaction and your budget in mind.

Find out how much you can save by buying local and direct from a provider who rewards responsible people.

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World-Class Service in California

Whether you need to file a claim, talk to an expert about updating your insurance protection or you are just looking to make a quick update to your policies, we’re here to serve you.