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How to Get Home Safely on St. Patrick's Day

February 12, 2018

How to Get Home Safely on St. Patrick's Day

Personal Express Insurance Agencies wants you to get home safely this St. Patrick's Day. There's no shortage of activities during this holiday, so you'll definitely want to think ahead for March 17th and plan your ride home. There are plenty of ways to get home safely after a night of drinking.

These great services are non-negotiable reasons to either avoid drinking and driving on St. Patrick's Day, or just plain avoid getting behind the wheel on such a busy pedestrian holiday. Partygoers and sober celebrators alike can use these alternative ride services to get from point A to B.

1. "TAXI!"

Despite the rise in ride sharing apps, real taxis are still a thing! If Uber surge pricing skyrockets (as it tends to do on major holidays), you can walk out of almost any restaurant or bar and find a line of cabs waiting for you. In the off-chance taxis aren't circling the block, a quick Internet search will give you a list of phone numbers you can call.

2. Transportation Apps

Uber and Lyft seem to be the popular go to apps when it comes to needing a ride; however, keep in mind that during holidays and other dense traffic times fares can be higher and snagging a ride could take longer. Fortunately, these apps often offer discounts and free rides for their referral programs.

3. Call the Sheriff's Office

If you're going to be involved with the Sheriff in any way on St. Patrick's Day, try to make sure it's through their Sober Ride program. Check with your local police department to see if they're offering free rides home. In the past, some sheriff office employees have volunteered to drive people home. Remember to pinpoint the designated pick-up spots before you head to the party.

4. A Friend or Relative

Even if it seems like it, everyone you know isn't partying on St. Patrick's Day. If you're in a bind and need a ride, call a friend, sibling, parent, or classmate. People may not love getting a 2 a.m. phone call, but it beats a call from jail or worse.

If you're the designated driver, three cheers for you! While your friends will surely appreciate your awesome act of kindness, you'll want to take a few extra steps to stay safe on the road, too. Keep an eye out for unassuming pedestrians and cars that swerve or suddenly speed up or slow down. If you see car that could be endangering the lives of others, pull over and dial 911.

With your transportation already mapped out, you won't be scrambling for a last-minute ride or even consider drinking and driving. The consequences of a DUI/DWI simply aren't worth it. Whether you like to be out and about or prefer to celebrate at home, PEIC wants to make sure you get to your destination safely. If you decide to drive during a busy holiday, make sure you have the right coverage. For low rates, personalized service, and peace of mind on auto insurance, Call 1-800-499-3612, go online, or come visit one of our offices in your neighborhood!

*The information provided in this blog is designed to give helpful advice on the topic discussed. It is not intended to provide legal or any other type of advice and is not meant to be a through discussion of every issue that a person should consider or may encounter.*




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